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General Questions
Is there any cost or fee to register?No, registration is free.
I am a home school teacher. May I use the site?Certainly! Registration is open to the general public.
Registration Problems/Questions
I live outside of the United States. How do I register?You can register by selecting [International] at the bottom of the State list, and inputting your address as completely as possible in the Street Address 1, Street Address 2, and City fields.
How can I register if don't have a home e-mail address?If you only have a work e-mail address, you may input that address for both Work and Home.
I registered, but I have not received an e-mail to activate my account.

You can try to retrieve the e-mail again by logging in with your username and password and following the Resent Actiavtion E-mail link. If you have already tried this, it is possible that the e-mail might be getting caught in SPAM filters by your internet service provider. You can try to work around this by using the Resend Actiavtion E-mail link and using your alternate (home or work) e-mail address, if you entered one.

If you have already tried taking the above steps, please use the Contact Us button for assistance.

Sign In Problems/Questions
I registered and have confirmed my account. I tried signing in, but I keep getting sent to the sign-in page. How can I fix this?

This is usually caused by cookies not being enabled for your web browser. Here are a few tutorials for different web browsers on enabling cookies:

When I try to sign in, I am told my password or username is incorrect. I know that I am enterring the correct username password. Why can't I sign in?The Username and Password fields are case sensitive. This means that the username "Photo71" and the username "photo71" are not the same. The most common cause is the capslock key being accidenally enabled.

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