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This Bank of Standards Based Lessons is designed to help PreK-12 educators increase student learning, specifically in science. It has the capability of preparing students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills both on standardized testing and in daily learning.

The lessons are divided by grade levels for easy teacher access. Each Grade Level Matrix indicates which science standards are addressed, gives key words, identifies other content areas integrated in the lesson, the lesson title and whether it is a unit or individual lesson.

All lessons follow the same format. Lessons include learner objectives, suggested grade level, subject areas taught, timeline, background information, materials, step-by-step lesson execution, extensions, evaluation and resources.

The lessons were designed by practicing teachers who received intensive science training in Space Foundation Space Across the Curriculum courses. To learn more about Space Foundation Space Across the Curriculum courses and how to earn a Master's Degree in education, visit

To view the lessons available on this site, Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher is required.

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